Missing data or unexpectedly low tariff  This can have three common causes:

To check the data that has been accepted take a look in the Accepted tab in the Submissions Detail page for the month concerned.  You can download the validated data you have submitted to check it against your original data files.  Check how duplicates are managed  first though.

a)  If in the Accepted data you only have one column of GU SHHAPT data - then you have forgotten to transpose the GU data during the upload process.  Check the Transpose box in the upload wizard.

b)  If you are just missing columns of data, then it is likely you have not properly matched the columns in your spreadsheet to the Tariff Data Set fields during the upload process.

c)  Finally, if you have an unexpectedly low tariff, check you have used the correct GUMCAD code.  If your clinic makes a full GUMCAD return enter 1 in that column otherwise leave it empty.  Check also that if you have left it empty you are using the suffix 'M' eg C4M in the SHHAPT codes to indicate medication has been given.  If you have placed a 1 in the GUMCAD field then you should not be using the M suffix in your SHHAPT fields.  If you get this wrong your GU interventions will not be properly calculated.

In all cases delete the files you have uploaded before re-uploading the correct data.