1.   Go to the Grouper website and login 

Use your registered email address (subscribe, if you have not done so already to activate your account)...

If you have forgotten your password use the Forgot Password link.

2.   You will be taken to the Home page

At the home page select one of the Provider menu tabs...

3.   To go to the Provider Upload History page...

The Upload History page shows you the summary of data supplied for each month.  

It shows any tariff charges calculated and the number of patient attendances recorded for that month.

If there is a green button showing that means you can submit the data uploaded for tariff calculation (more later)

For now, select the row with of month you want to upload data for - you can only upload data for one month at a time.  

(In the unlikely event the month is not showing use the Upload Wizard in the menu bar near the top of the page.) 

Click the row showing the month you want to take you to the...

4.   Submission Detail page...

The page shows the organisation name, month and market forces factor for the data you are going to upload.  Please check these are all correct, in particular the market forces factor.

There are five tabs showing in the lower half of the page, the first 'Users' lists those people in your organisation that will have access to the patient level data you upload.  Check these names are legitimate.

Now select the Upload Files tab...

5.   The Upload Files tab is where you can find the Upload Wizard...

At the bottom of the tab there is a list of all the files that have been upload for the month.

At the top of the tab there is a guide to help you decide if you need to use the Transpose feature during the upload process.

Use the Upload Wizard link to start the file upload...

6.   The Upload Wizard steps you through the process...

Now click the choose file button and select the file on your PC you want to upload.

If you need to transpose your data file, check the 'Transpose file first' checkbox.

Then click Upload...

7.   You must now match the column headings in your file and the Grouper Data fields...

It is vital to get this page right.
Mandatory fields will be marked red until they are matched with a column heading from your spreadsheet, optional fields are marked yellow.  When fields are matched they turn green.

If you have selected Transpose in the previous step you will not see the last twelve rows (SRH data fields) nor the SHHAPT fields 2 to 12.  Your file will only contain one column of activity data (often called KC60 or 'National Code') you must match this to the SHHAPT 1 field.

Match EVERY field you possibly can to columns in your spreadsheet.

Where you only have one column of PCT data match it to both PCT fields.

Often the 'patient 1st contacted date' and 'clinic 1st offered date' fields are not supported, but if you have the data please match it.

When you are happy click Finish...

8.   Your file is now listed in the List of Uploaded Files

The file will be marked as Pending Validation until the Grouper has worked through a sequence of basic validation checks.

Any Errors it finds will be moved into the Errors tab for correction.

Accepted records are moved into the Accepted tab.

If your file is being transposed first, then it will appear under the Transpose tab until the transpose process is complete, it will then move to the Upload Files tab and complete the validation process in the same way as above.

9.   Be automatically notified when it's validated.
The validation process can take 30 to 45 minutes depending on the files size and the number of other files being submitted.  Click the grey/green subscribe button to receive an automated email alert when validation has been completed.

Other people in your organisation that have subscribed will also receive an email.

10.   Correct any validation errors by checking the Errors tab...

The errors tab will list any validation errors, the specific errors will be marked with a 'x'.

Click a row with an error and you are prompted to correct it by selecting from a dropdown list of valid alternativs.
Click Save, or Save Next to move on to the next error.

If there are lots of errors, you can decide if you want to: 
a) delete the file you uploaded and make the corrections in your data file before uploading it again.
b) export the records with errors to Excel, correct them and upload them again.

11.   Submit the months data for tariff Calculation...
When there are no errors in the month, a green Submit button will show in the Upload History page.

Click the Submit button to calculate the tariff charges for the month and distribute the results to Commissioners.  You can see the tariff charge details (ie which commissioners are being charged what tariffs) by looking in the Detailed Charges menu item.

If you have a Provider+ account you can use the yellow Sandbox button to run the same calculation without distributing the result to Commissioners.  This allows you to check your tariff charges privately before submitting them.

Once you have Submitted your months data for tariff calculation you cannot change or upload further data for that month, the month becomes 'closed'.

To re-open a month contact enquiries@pathwayanalytics.com