In constructing the Tariff great care has been taken to try and only use the currently available data sets - GUMCAD and SRHAD.  However, there are some activities that require extra codes to identify them for tariff purposes and since GUMCAD coding systems treats Level 3 clinics (or more specifically those clinics that make a full GUMCAD return to PHE / HPA not a GUMCAD2) the Tariff also has to be able identify these clinics we do this by using a new column call GUMCAD which should be populated with '1' if the clinic submits a full GUMCAD to PHE / HPA.

For more detailed information please refer to the Behavioural Guidance v7.4 explains the meaning of the various Tariff-specific codes and how they are used and the Tariff specific data fields.